About Us

It adds the finishing touch to your look, catches the light with a captivating sparkle and brings a certain something to any wardrobe: Jewellery has been popular for thousands of years. Even as far back as 100,000 years ago, for instance, people would use shells to decorate themselves. Jewellery has always been used as an ornamental embellishment, but it is first and foremost an expression of personal style as well.

purejolie was established in Switzerland in early 2018. Jewellery from purejolie will boost any woman’s self-confidence, enhancing her beauty with the perfect accessories. Our range of jewellery has been carefully selected, always bearing in mind the requirements of the modern, discerning woman who appreciates exceptional quality. purejolie allows you to combine gorgeous individual pieces with one another. We regularly launch exclusive purejolie collections, drawing inspiration from the worlds of fashion, lifestyle and architecture and reflecting global trends.

We shine together and feel purejolie – pure beauty

All pieces of jewellery were designed by purejolie and produced in different manufactories worldwide. purejolie means pure beauty and stands not just for the outer, but also for the inner beauty. We stand for woman empowerment and it is our mission to support small manufactories worldwide. We want to help them to give people a secure job with fair working conditions. In addition, we donate CHF 10.- per piece of jewellery per year to selected charity organisation. We strongly believe that all of us together can achieve incredible things and giving is one of the most important things in this world.

High quality at fair prices

purejolie designs and makes modern jewellery using high-quality materials and sells it at affordable prices. Gold-plated 925 sterling silver is the basic material we use to add metallic tones to our pieces. Our guiding principle is to combine realistic prices with good, lasting quality.

Take plenty of perfection, then add a pinch of passion and lots of beautiful details!

We take care of virtually every aspect: the design, the packaging, the photography and the online shop – practically everything at purejolie is hand-crafted with love and handed over directly to you. All the savings we achieve by doing this are passed on to you too.

We are here for you!

We believe in the importance of offering high-quality jewellery and a first-class service. Our job is not just to sell you valuable jewellery – we are always happy to listen to you too. We are on hand to help with any queries about our jewellery at any time.

Take a look through our range and discover pieces in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Explore the world of purejolie and treat yourself or someone you love!