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purejolie was established in Switzerland in early 2018. We focus on style, premium quality and longevity. We only use the most enduring, highest quality materials, handmade by exceptional craftsmen, so your jewellery will accompany you for a long time. We believe that luxury should not be reserved for an elite few. That’s why we sell directly to our customers, cutting out the traditional middle-man costs and pass on the savings directly to you. That way we don’t need high mark-ups and can make the highest quality products affordable. At purejolie we create fine jewellery for everyone, every single day. Our thoughtfully designed pieces become part of your story, and whether you’re buying purejolie for yourself or a loved one, we hope our jewellery is an expression of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going. Explore the world of purejolie and treat yourself or someone you love!


Sustainability, fairness and quality are not promises, but conditions.

the secret of living is giving

All pieces of jewellery were designed by purejolie and produced in different manufactories worldwide. purejolie means pure beauty and stands not just for the outer, but also for the inner beauty. We stand for woman empowerment and it is our mission to support small manufactories worldwide. We want to help them to give people a secure job with fair working conditions. At purejolie we believe that success is only real when it is shared, and therefore we commit to provide a greater positive impact on other women’s lives. In addition, we donate 10 % per piece of jewellery per year to selected charity organisation. We strongly believe that all of us together can achieve incredible things and giving is one of the most important things in this world.


925 Sterling Silver und 18K Gold

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purejolie designs and makes modern jewellery using high-quality materials and sells it at affordable prices. We layer our base of Sterling Silver with 3 Micron 18k Gold to make it even more durable, which allows us to create premium pieces of jewellery without the premium price tags of solid gold.  Additionally, for those who fear metal allergies, our jewelry is the perfect solution as there is no unknown core metal other than a thick layer of solid gold and the base of high-quality sterling silver. Our jewelry is made from the best metals to tackle this frustrating allergy.  Our range of jewellery has been carefully selected, always bearing in mind the requirements of the modern, discerning woman who appreciates exceptional quality. Created by women, for women, their delicate pieces are just as suitable for everyday wear as they are for pairing with cocktail dresses. Today, with society entering into a new wave of feminism, it’s more important than ever that women feel empowered and have the ability to express themselves freely.


We shine together and feel purejolie pure beauty

We empower and stand for more diversity

Jewellery from purejolie will boost any woman’s self-confidence, enhancing her beauty with the perfect accessories. We are passionate about empowering and celebrating women in all their forms. Of course, we make jewellery for you, that will look great on him too.   Fashion is an act of self-expression. A woman’s choice of jewellery mirrors her self-confidence and expresses her character and spirit. By doing this, we believe that every woman supports the idea of independence and the right to be truly herself which, in turn, inspires others to feel the same.  We’ve long believed that we’re all made better by the diversity that exists within our communities. Our values are centered on the notion of creating a place where every customer and employee is welcome, respected, appreciated and able to be themselves.

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We believe in the importance of offering high-quality jewellery and a first-class service. Our job is not just to sell you valuable jewellery – we are always happy to listen to you too. We are on hand to help with any queries about our jewellery at any time.